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Payroll service – What does Kwaxx offer?

Payroll accounting is often expensive, complicated and time-consuming. And let's be honest, the time lost as a result can be used much better.

The good news: Kwaxx takes care of this for you.

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Save time and money with external payroll accounting

Kwaxx deals with all of your payroll accounting and prepares all pay slips digitally - you simply notify us of any changes on the intuitive Kwaxx platform or via secure file transfer. Neither payroll expertise nor software knowledge is required. And we do the rest. Regardless of whether we are talking about 50 employees or 500: Kwaxx effectively conserves your company's HR resources, saving you valuable time and HR capacity.

Digital payroll – very simple

Our specially developed Kwaxx platform is simple, easy to understand and intuitive to use. It enables quick access to all employee and salary data and accepts changes - transparently and comprehensibly as individual reports, collective reports, file transfers or via an interface. The Kwaxx platform is also the ideal reporting tool for secure and transparent data transmission for decentralised companies. In short: Kwaxx adapts flexibly to your needs.

The advantage of our service: You decide for yourself which payroll tasks Kwaxx should take on for you - and which not. Depending on the number of employees and your company's requirements, you select the services that we can deal with for you. This gives you and your employees more time to concentrate on your core business. Or for other great things.

The Kwaxx platform offers these indispensable HR functions
  • Easy access to all payroll-relevant data

  • Intuitive input of mutations (individually, collectively or via file transfer/interface)

  • Warnings in the event of conspicuous mutations thanks to plausibility checks

  • Display of the processing status of mutations

  • Individual role management with the option of "Employee Self Service" (for new hires as well as accident and sickness notifications)

  • HR Data Analyser for predefined HR key figures

  • Creation of lists with current data (join and leave list, address list, seniority list, etc.)

  • Reminders for expiring work permits, wage deductions and child allowances

  • Helpful HR checklists (e.g. year-end checklist for the correct preparation of year-end statements and salary statements)

  • And much more

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Process payroll notifications quickly and in compliance with the law

The greater the complexity of payroll accounting (due to many special cases, such as employees subject to withholding tax), the greater the susceptibility to errors. But not with Kwaxx, as complexity doesn't play a role here. The well-known Abacus software serves as the technical basis for our intuitive Kwaxx platform. Abacus is a proven Swiss software and is used thousands of times throughout Switzerland. Furthermore, Abacus has been SwissDec certified for years and data transmission to the authorities and insurance companies is automated and complies with legal, tax and data protection requirements.

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Special cases or legal changes? No problem

Our employees are very familiar with all existing laws, provisions and regulations that affect your company. You can sit back and relax, because Kwaxx integrates all legal changes immediately - and processes wages on time and in compliance with the law, without exception.

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Punctual payroll payments guaranteed at all times

Payroll processing in companies is often handled by a single person. If this person is absent due to illness or other reasons, this can lead to salaries not being paid on time. But not with Kwaxx: We have organised substitutions so that wages are always paid on time.

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Secure storage of your payroll data in Switzerland

An outdated IT infrastructure can lead to payroll data being lost after an update or a server crash. With Kwaxx you are always guaranteed to be on the safe side: Our data processing and backup takes place on synchronised and separate servers in certified Swiss data centres. This ensures that your data is always safe and protected.

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Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you on how to optimise your payroll accounting with Kwaxx.

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Your advantages when working with Kwaxx

Always in good hands

Your personal Kwaxx contact partner is always at your side.

Carefree revision

We guarantee you a worry-free revision at all times so that you can concentrate fully on your core business.

Secure & transparent

Our intuitive platform provides you with a transparent payroll service that saves you time and resources.

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