Additional services

Kwaxx also takes care of your company's entire payroll administration. We also offer practical additional services that you can take advantage of if required.

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Wage administration

Flat rate per active employee/month from CHF 1.00 to CHF 6.00 (depending on the selected scope and company size)

  • Registration and deregistration including changes to compensation funds and pension funds (prerequisite: online reporting, interface or ELM)
  • Employer certificates and interim service forms
  • Notification and status monitoring for accident, illness and child allowances
  • Processing and status monitoring of income compensation statements (military, maternity, paternity)

The payroll administration services can be customised according to your needs.

Digitisation of your personal dossier

Would you like to have your personnel dossier digitised?

Further information

Cooperation with Swibeco

Thanks to Kwaxx's active collaboration with Swibeco, Kwaxx customers receive access to the Swibeco benefits platform for their employees at an unbeatable price. And Kwaxx also takes care of the necessary data for customers (e.g. automated reporting of active employees to Swibeco).

More information about Swibeco Link opens in a new tab.

Increase the value of your employees' salaries with flexible fringe benefits. The Swibeco portal offers incredible preferential conditions for your employees through permanent purchasing discounts with 150 top partners.

Further services

We will always provide you with a cost estimate and an order confirmation for additional chargeable services outside of the flat rates (payroll service / payroll administration) - so that you are not surprised by unexpected costs and can plan adequately. These services include

Data preparation

for statistics for the state and industry associations
(LSE / BESTA / Logib)


for the settlement of short-time work

Expert advice

regarding labour and tax law

Further services

regarding payroll administration on request

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Data sovereignty

The data belongs to the customer. Customers can request a copy of their data from us at any time. Kwaxx undertakes to comply with Swiss data protection legislation and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR).

All data is hosted exclusively in Switzerland. Data hosting is managed and monitored by a professional service team (24/7). The data is backed up redundantly in data centres (ISO 27001-certified Swiss data centres).

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