Kwaxx pays off - for both smaller and larger companies.

Kwaxx does not charge expensive hourly fees or ambiguous flat rates for its payroll service. Instead, the costs for our customers are always 100% transparent and plannable: Only prices per pay slip are charged. Furthermore, our all-inclusive prices are independent of the number of reported mutations.

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Initial costs

The onboarding of new customers on our payroll solution has been optimised and refined over the years. We handle the integration quickly, easily and cost-effectively - regardless of the size of the company and the complexity of the ERP system and IT environment. We also specialise in taking over your payroll accounting during the year - taking into account all accrued payroll runs.

one-time setup

per company / legal entity

  • CHF 770.–
Personnel registration

once per employee to be integrated

  • CHF 24.–
Interface setup

For even smoother processing and data transfer, we offer you the option of setting up an interface between our system and your third-party systems (time recording system or other existing HR tools).

  • Price on request

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