Advantages with Kwaxx

Kwaxx takes care of all your payroll accounting and prepares all pay slips digitally. Our software is always up to date with the latest legal requirements, so you don't have to worry about anything else.

Kwaxx offers many other advantages

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Intuitive and easy-to-use platform

Kwaxx requires neither payroll accounting expertise nor software knowledge. You simply enter the relevant data on our platform and Kwaxx does the rest - simply, securely and cost-effectively.

Legally compliant and guaranteed up-to-date at all times

We are always up to date and integrate legal changes directly into our system - so your payroll accounting is always legally compliant without you having to manually adjust or set changed regulations.

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Conserving valuable resources

Payroll accounting is often expensive, complicated and time-consuming. Kwaxx takes care of this for you. And ensures that you have more time to concentrate on your core business and other relevant topics.

All relevant HR functions combined on one platform

Our platform provides access to all payroll-relevant data at all times, so you don't need to keep any additional data files. You also have access to an HR Data Analyser with predefined evaluations. It is also possible to generate standard analyses directly with current data. A self-service workflow is available to the customer for new employees and accident reports.

Unique: with revision guarantee

If subsequent corrections due to revisions are made at the expense of the customer during calendar years that are continuously managed by Kwaxx and are based on calculation errors by Kwaxx, Kwaxx shall assume responsibility and shall be liable for financial losses.

And much more

But that's not all Kwaxx can do. We will be happy to show you the many possibilities. Our scalable, comprehensive solution creates sustainable added value for your company.


When is it worthwhile for a company to outsource its payroll accounting?

If you want your HR managers to have more capacity for other important topics such as employee development, strategy or recruitment - instead of having to deal with administrative work relating to payroll accounting.

Can Kwaxx handle also special cases?

Special cases in payroll accounting, e.g. expats/inpats or withholding taxpayers, make payroll accounting significantly more complex. Kwaxx is familiar with all existing laws and our employees receive ongoing training. This means that Kwaxx processes all wages - including special cases - in compliance with the law, reliably and in accordance with legal requirements. For particularly complicated special cases, we draw on the technical expertise of our numerous external partners, who support us with their knowledge.

What happens if the HR specialist responsible at the customer is absent due to illness?

Don't worry, with Kwaxx, deputisation is guaranteed at all times and our easy-to-use platform helps your deputy to make the most important entries. He also receives uncomplicated and prompt support from our employees at all times. This means that all salaries are be paid to your employees on time as usual, even in cases of absences. If necessary, a payment file is also created based on the data currently available and corrected in the following month.

Is it risky to outsource salary data? Can this data not be lost?

With Kwaxx, all data is secure at all times. Our data processing and data backup takes place in separate (geo-redundant) and certified Swiss data centres with a professional IT partner. We are also constantly improving our system and adapting it to the latest technical developments.

What about privacy issues when payroll accounting is outsourced?

As an external provider, we are operationally neutral and the selected data is only released to authorised persons. Kwaxx contractually undertakes to comply with Swiss data protection legislation and is subject to the Data Protection Act and to business confidentiality in accordance with the Swiss Criminal Code. All data and facts are treated as strictly confidential during the collaboration. The confidentiality obligation shall continue to apply even after any termination of the collaboration. Compliance with all the requirements of our certificates is checked annually by external specialists.

ISO 9001, GoodPrivacy

How high are the costs for licences, maintenance and updates for the Abacus payroll accounting software and the Kwaxx platform?

With Kwaxx, all services required for the operation of our software are included in the prices. Regular updates and parameterisation changes are automatically imported by Kwaxx. The smooth running of your payroll accounting with Kwaxx is thoroughly checked and ensured by our experts both during onboarding and annually.

How does Kwaxx deal with a job change within the client's HR team?

A lot of internal expertise is often lost when people change jobs. Not for Kwaxx customers: Thanks to the complete and structured process documentation, changing jobs is no problem.

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Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you on how to optimise your payroll accounting with Kwaxx.

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